Trinity Staff

Chad Smith
Lead Pastor | Preaching and teaching the Bible, and sharing life with Trinity Church. Chad also LOVES the community of Asheville and soaks up the people and culture every chance he gets



Joe Mullen
Associate Pastor | Working with small groups, growth groups, teaching and training others to grow as followers of Jesus. Joe loves the mountains and the ocean, and he really loves astronomy! His favorite building is the Empire State Building.



Blythe Coker
Director for Youth | Sharing life with students and their families and equipping them to serve as we grow in our understanding of Jesus’ love for us. Blythe loves a long brunch with friends, reading, and going on walks with her dog.



Megan Sanchez
Director for Children’s Ministry | Partners with parents to lead children toward knowing the immense love God has for them and the world. Megan enjoys long runs outdoors, a good cup of strong coffee, as well as dancing in the living room with her son and husband.

Anthony Moore
Director for Worship Arts | Planning and overseeing the musical and liturgical life in worship at Trinity. Anthony enjoys coffee, college basketball, and sci-fi.



Joy Voigt
Director for Adult Ministries | Helping to cultivate and encourage healthy communication and connection between ministry teams and church leadership. Joy loves music, dinner parties, and the beach.


Karen Pick
Bookkeeper | Keeping records of church finances, membership, and church meetings. Karen loves keeping up with her five grown sons and with her beloved church family.


Tish Hawks
Office Manager & Children’s Ministry Assistant | Supervising the day to day operations of the office and assisting in Children’s Ministry. Tish enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.


Tina Robinson
Preschool Director | Director of Preschool and Summer Camp Programs- I Supervise Preschool staff and encourage parents. Nurturing and discipling young children is my passion. I love to serve others. Music and worship is a huge part of my daily walk.

Ashley Berger
Pastoral & Office Assistant | Syncing communication from leadership to the congregation via media aspects. Ashley loves to gather people around good food and blog about it.


Previously at Trinity

Lead Pastor, Chad Smith preached on Be Who You Are

SERMON TEXT: Acts 4:13-22


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