Ministry Teams

Congregational Care

Shepherding Support Team | Team Leaders: Steve & Joanne Wright
We provide shepherding support to the body by assisting the pastors in their care, by pointing people to Christ, who heals the deepest wounds and sets people free from their unhelpful strategies to cope with life, so that they may live a life of spiritual health reflecting greater maturity in Christ. (Colossian 1:28)

Prayer Team | Team Leader: Joe Mullen
We strive to help believers experience God’s Fatherly care and generosity as they meet together in prayer. We desire also that God’s children more deeply understand the love of the Father, the fellowship of Christ, and the transforming work of the Holy Spirit as we see God answer our prayers in terms of personal needs and kingdom concerns, all for His glory. That we see the inseparable connection between God’s treasured promises in Christ and answered prayer. (John 14-16)

Disability Team | Team Leader: Ken Frenke

Discipleship – Adults

Adult Education Team | Team Leader: Chad Smith, interim

Growth Groups | Team Leader: Frank Laughlin

Men’s Fellowship Team | Team Leader: Adam Foss
We plan regular times of fellowship to provide opportunities of connection and friendship among Trinity men, including meetups at various places and a monthly breakfast.

Women’s Fellowship Team | Team Leader: Joy Voigt
We plan regular times of fellowship to provide opportunities of connection and friendship among Trinity women, including game nights, baby showers, and other various activities.

Discipleship – Children & Youth

Children’s Ministry Team | Team Leader: Conley Brown

Youth Team | Team Leader: Stephen Bates

Missions & Community Outreach

Missions Team | Team Leader: Brad Burlingham

Community Care Team | Team Leader: Bobby Wilson
To encourage the body of Trinity to show the love of Jesus and build relationships for the gospel with others in our community. These goals will be pursued by partnering with area ministries and non-profit organizations through communication, project participation, and financial assistance.

Hospitality Team | Team Leaders: Cathy Rogers & Dottie Hubbell
We assist with planning and executing church wide ministry events and meals such as funerals and celebrations, as well as overseeing the kitchen/serving wares.

Church Planting Team | Team Leader: Tim Harrison
We shall assist the congregation and staff in allocating available funds for church planting ministries. Further, we shall work to encourage trinity members in developing a greater kingdom perspective by facilitating opportunities for pastors and church planters to share their ministries with the congregation.


Finance Team | Team Leader: Zach Holland

Personnel Team | Team Leader: Calvin Marshall

Visuals & Appearances Team | Team Leader: Ashley Berger

Safety Team | Team Leader: Jim Smith
We strive to develop standards of safety & security education and training to mitigate unnecessary risks to persons, property, and assets within the church. We want to demonstrate the love of God by utilizing time and talents to provide a safe and peaceful worship atmosphere for Trinity.

Worship & Vision

Worship Team | Team Leader: Anthony Moore
The worship team pursues the ongoing development of a culture of gospel centered worship at Trinity. In our Sunday gatherings, we are centering our lives on Jesus. Because biblical corporate worship feeds personal and family worship at home, which then overflows in mission and worship at work and school, it is also the primary fuel for loving one another and loving the world. Our purpose is to use and develop content and practices which complement, support, and encourage the work of Jesus in our services and our lives.

Long Range Planning Team | Team Leader: Andrew Belz

Visitor Care Team | Team Leader: Joy Voigt

Previously at Trinity

Lead Pastor, Chad Smith, preached on Fear Not, God is Love AND in Control.

SERMON TEXT: Luke 1:5-25


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Centering our lives around Jesus. Loving one another. Loving the world.