ABCCM Christmas Angel 2020

by anthony
November 12, 2020

Contact: Jimmie Lynn Linkston 828.457.9606 or Jordan Linkston(Cheney)

ABCCM Christmas Angel believes in the wonder and meaning of Christmas. We believe in wide-eyed children opening their presents on Christmas morning and in sharing the love of Christ with families going through some of the hardest of times. We believe that every child should feel loved and cared for just like you. So many families are in crisis and worried about jobs, how they will pay the rent, or the utilities and put food on the table. ABCCM’s Christmas Angel program is committed to fill those gaps for families by providing Christmas presents for these children. Please join us in “Sharing Your Love with a Child and Family” and be one of our many Christmas Angels who make Christmas a reality for families, so they will know that God loves them too!

Please join us and BE a Christmas Angel to children in need this year. Jordan & Jimmie-Lynn are happy to shop for you & wrap the gifts if you just want to give a financial gift, or you can buy their Christmas present(s) by choosing a family on the sponsor page, and then we will send you their specific ages and requests. You can purchase presents for kids, as many as you like, and bring them to the church or mission house. Also, you can go to our Christmas Angel Gift List and select the children and ages with toys you want to give, and pay for them online on our Christmas Giving Page. Questions? Simply reach out to our Chief Angels, Shirley and Jordan, at or by calling 259-5337. However you choose to participate, you are being a Christmas Angel and bringing the meaning of Christmas to those in need!


What does it mean to sponsor a child or family? You are agreeing to buy 4-6 gifts for each child or children you choose to sponsor. You are buying that child’s Christmas gifts for the parent[s] who cannot afford it. The gifts will be given to the parent[s] so they can wrap the presents and give to that child. They have families with one child, two, three, four, five, and six children! Jordan & Jimmie-Lynn are happy to shop for you & wrap the gifts if you just want to give a financial gift.

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