by ashley
March 12, 2020


We are continuing our live stream only approach for worship until we can make the return to the inside of the building. Although we are not gathering on the grounds for Sunday morning worship, we hope to have other opportunities for gathering and praying together soon! Please pray for us as we balance many considerations for returning inside.



Trinity, Thank you for your diligent work social distancing this past Sunday. We are grateful for the church that gathers, whether in person or remotely.

Our building maintenance supervisor received a positive diagnosis for Covid-19 this week. He has been in the building and was in limited contact with a few of our staff members. Out of an abundance of caution, we will return to a Livestream only approach beginning this Sunday, the 7th.

We are still laying the groundwork for what the eventual return to the inside of the building will look like, so please pray for us as we consider the many moving and developing pieces to this puzzle.


Gathering outside, May 31
10:30 AM (with Live Stream and podcast)





It was good to see many of our folks at worship last Sunday. We were pleased with our first attempt at gathering folks together while maintaining the quality of the Live Stream. I’m also thankful for those who feel the freedom to stay home and worship remotely.

I counted just under 100 people gathered in the parking lot and grass. We are a great encouragement to each other, even though we must do it from a distance. I need to remind everyone that we must social distance. This really is important for everyone’s safety. I know we all want to talk closely with our friends and sit next to them at church, but we really can’t do that. Please be respectful of everyone and keep to your family units. We really want to take advantage of our church property and be able to gather, but we must do it safely. We have committed to worshiping outside one this week, but we will evaluate our plans after this Sunday. Please social distance.

The trees provide some shade, but it is limited and then we end up sitting too close to each other. Be sure to bring your chair. Bringing your own canopy or umbrella would be a great help as well so we don’t all crowd under the tree shade. Although we will be outside we do recommend face coverings, especially as you talk with one another.

  • We will end the service by singing a hymn together and will ask folks to space even more at that point.
  • If you are willing to help with setup on Sunday morning, please email me. I would love a few extra hands!
  • Bulletins will be provided, but if you feel more comfortable printing and bringing your own, you can find it above.
  • I will still also make a bulletin formatted for electronic viewing as well. I know many of you watch the livestream on one device with the bulletin open in another.

The worship team is discussing building re-entry, but that move will be made with great prayer and deliberation. We hope to have more details for you after the June Session meeting.

Finally, as we take a break from our Acts series, let’s not forget what Chad has taught us. The growth of the kingdom in the early church was marked by conflict and the Gospel seeking out “the other.” The other in terms of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or societal position… On this Pentecost Sunday, let’s remember that the church is marked by a unity of the Spirit which binds us together beyond our differences in wealth, skin color, or family lineage. As believers, we can freely defer to others in love.

As Scott Sauls says in Irresistible Faith:

“The identifying mark of the City of God
is when citizens of the heavenly city
become the very best citizens of the earthly one.”

I hope to see you all soon.

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