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by anthony
July 23, 2020

Have you considered returning to outside worship?
Yes! Sunlight and fresh air are our friends in this pandemic. The biggest challenges outside are technical setups, increasing summer temperatures, and unpredictable weather. The Livestream option is the only sure way for the service to be accessible to 99% of our membership.

Have you considered renting or buying a tent?
Yes! Early on we checked into renting or buying a structure. Tent rentals and purchase prices are too high.

What about having service outside earlier when there is a little more shade and it is cooler?
An 8:00 AM service would be workable with regard to shade, but the setup for audio (with or without Live Stream) is quite involved. With a rotating pulpit supply, we often have pastors driving in from out of town to be present with us. With our current setup, some of our tech team is onsite two hours before our 10:30 service inside to get things rolling.

Will we ever have more than one in-person service?
This is certainly a possibility especially if numbers combined with protocols make it necessary.

How else can the church body gather together?
We continue our Wednesday evening prayer gatherings at 6:30. We had a brief meditation from Pastor Joe and celebrated the Lord’s Supper outside recently at one. Any community groups or small groups who would like to gather (distanced of course) on the grounds should contact Tish and arrange details.

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