Adult Education

Adult Education is teaching and/or study at the Community Group level, which goes beyond our Sunday Morning corporate worship service. Sunday school, large group adult Bible studies, conferences, and various workshops are among the opportunities provided. In addition, we regularly offer an Inquirer’s Class for those who would like to find out more about Trinity in general or would like to join.

Two new classes are in session through the end of May:

Marks of a Healthy Church – Calvin Marshall and Bill Brown facilitate this Ligonier study taught by Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman. This class, meeting in Room 205, is serving as a good transition from the RW360 class (which finished in January).

Sola Fide – Steve Eargle and Tim Carlson teach this survey through the Bible, currently working through Matthew. This class meets in Room 203.


Jesus' Sacred Rhythm

John Parrish preached on Jesus' Sacred Rhythm

SERMON TEXT: Luke 6:12-19


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