Adult Education

Adult Education is teaching and/or study at the Community Group level, which goes beyond our Sunday Morning corporate worship service. Sunday school, large group adult Bible studies, conferences, and various workshops are among the opportunities provided. In addition, we regularly offer a Discovery Class for those who would like to find out more about Trinity in general or would like to join.

Fall classes, beginning September 17, are the following:

The Unfolding Mystery of the Bible –

Join Pastor Robert as he teaches this fall on what it means to be a good reader of the Bible. Reading well isn’t just repeating back what you have read but understanding what the text communicates including everything the text communicates. To be good readers of the Bible is not only seeking to understand the grammar and cultural context of the Bible, but understanding the big picture of the Scriptures that tell the story of God’s redemptive work from Genesis to Revelation. In this class we will unpack what it means to see Christ at the center of Scripture, trace the unifying themes of the Bible, and see what the story of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration mean for our lives as we seek to faithfully follow Jesus. This class will meet in the Worship Area, following the worship service.

Sola Fide – Steve Eargle, Tim Carlson, and Jay Pratt teach this survey through the Bible, currently working through Luke. This class meets in Room 205.


A Word of Power

Robert Recio preached on A Word of Power

SERMON TEXT: 1 Kings 17


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