Ministry Teams

Congregational Care

Disability Team | Team Leader: Stephanie Laughlin
The mission of the Disability Team Ministry is to minister to and alongside people with disabilities and their families to enable them to access worship, to engage in the community of the church, and to contribute to the work of the body of Christ.

Discipleship (Adults)

Adult Education Team |
The Adult Education Team assists in the vision and planning of additional teaching and/or study at the Community Group level, which goes beyond our Sunday Morning corporate worship service. Adult Sunday school and large group adult Bible studies is the primary focus of this team.

Community Groups Team | Team Leader: Frank Laughlin
The Community Group team is to be a resource for the encouragement and strengthening of Community Groups and their leaders in order to nurture the community of believers at Trinity around the word of God, prayer and fellowship. This team helps facilitate the groups, leaders and training, along with encouraging participation within the Trinity body.

Small Groups Team | Team Leader
We help place men and women into small groups of community that encourage spiritual formation through a deeper connection with brothers and sisters in Christ, centered around the means of grace.

Men’s Fellowship Team | Team Leader: Adam Foss
We plan regular times of fellowship to provide opportunities of connection and friendship among Trinity men including meetups at various places around town or at Trinity.

Women’s Fellowship Team | Team Leader: Joy Voigt
We plan regular times of fellowship to provide opportunities of connection and friendship among Trinity women, including game nights, baby showers, and other various activities.

Discipleship (Children & Youth)

Children’s Ministry Team | Team Leader: Megan Sanchez
By the end of fifth grade, students will be able to express their foundational faith through memorization and understanding of Scripture as well as the children’s catechism. We also strive to nurture students so that they will take their cognitive learning and turn it into effectual learning and true understanding through saving faith – a gift from the Holy Spirit of God. We pray that during this time in our care, they will grow in their knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Youth Ministry Team | Team Leader:
Through prayer, pursuit, partnership and discipleship, Trinity’s youth ministry seeks to engage our students in real relationship, bring to bear the Gospel in their lives, and equip them to be lifelong followers of Christ.


Global Missions Team | Team Leader: Brad Burlingham

To nurture and provide for Trinity-supported international missionaries through financial, relational and spiritual means; to encourage and educate the Trinity congregation with regard to their participation in making disciples internationally in fulfillment of the call of scripture in general and the Great Commission in particular; and to recommend allocation of global missions funding among international missionaries to Trinity leadership.

National Missions Team | Team Leader: John Plant
This team is focused on supporting missions within the continental United States. We provide information to Trinity members on stateside projects and plan, support and encourage Trinity participation on these projects. We also assist the congregation and staff in prioritizing and allocating available funds to our national affiliates for other stateside needs and projects.

Local: Community Care Team | Team Leader: Bobby Wilson
To encourage the body of Trinity to show the love of Jesus and build relationships for the gospel with others in our community. These goals will be pursued by partnering with area ministries and non-profit organizations through communication, project participation, and financial assistance.


Worship & Vision

Worship Team | Team Leader: Anthony Moore
The worship team pursues the ongoing development of a culture of gospel-centered worship at Trinity. In our Sunday gatherings, we are centering our lives on Jesus. Because biblical corporate worship feeds personal and family worship at home, which then overflows in mission and worship at work and school, it is also the primary fuel for loving one another and loving the world. Our purpose is to use and develop content and practices which complement, support, and encourage the work of Jesus in our services and our lives.

Long Range Planning Team | Team Leader: Andrew Belz
The Long Range Planning Team is a permanent team that systematically analyzes and envisions the long-term maximization and optimization of our property and physical assets.

Visitor Care Team | Team Leader: Joy Voigt
In keeping with our purpose statement, “Centering our lives around Jesus, loving one another, and loving the world”, The Visitor Care Team works to welcome visitors and mobilize the congregation toward a hospitable atmosphere. This Team is intentional in facilitating the sequence of events from visitation to membership, and hopes to encourage each of us to follow Christ’s example of inclusiveness and outreach in the way we welcome visitors into our church.

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