What is the Gospel?

The world is not what it should be. Just look around, and you will see hurting people, broken relationships, injustice and violence of every kind, death. Nor are we what we should be. We may respond to the pain with fear, doubts, and even despair. Or perhaps we turn to things like money, sex, work, comfort, power, and approval for help only to realize these things end up controlling us—leaving us empty and unsatisfied.

The Gospel is the good news that in Jesus, God has broken into this world of suffering, sin, and death to bring us a new life!

We believe Jesus has lived the perfect life we are not living; He has taken our guilt and punishment on Himself on the cross, and has risen from the dead reconciling us to God.

Because of the gospel, He gives us His Spirit, replacing our emptiness and despair with a new joy flowing from a heart enabled and empowered to enjoy God and love others. In fact, Jesus has begun to restore all things. He is freeing all of creation from its slavery to suffering and death. And he graciously calls us to turn from our sins, to depend upon him alone, and—setting aside our fears and failures—to live with hope in who he is, what he has done, and what he will do!

Living Water

Robert Recio preached on Living Water

SERMON TEXT: John 4:1-26


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